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It’s probably a woman who’s been gossiping. What else do you know? They also say that her head is full of strange ideas. One time she left home to go to Palermo to be a shop assistant. Well, I’d hardly call that a scandal. It’s a job like any other. Sure. But such a beautiful woman must be unhappy to be the wife of an idler. So why did she marry? She got pregnant at years old. I understand Game And where’s she going? To Don Mariano Arena. A wealthy man Game Game he has a daughter studying in Switzerland and a fat bank account. A highflyer who’s made it good. A woman’s here, she’s saying she wants to speak to you. She’s in the front room. My respects Game Who are you? Rosa Nicolosi, Tano Nicolosi’s wife. And what do you want from me? Sorry, but my husband hasn’t been back home for four days. And you’ve come to look for him here? No, I was just thinking that if you wanted, you could help me to find him? Why not go to the Carabinieri? They’re the ones who look for missing people. I’ve already been to the Carabinieri. You did good. It’s your duty. I told them that my husband hadn’t returned Game nothing else. I didn’t tell them what I could have. I didn’t name anyone. And what can I do? If I see your husband, I’ll tell him not to make you worry. We’ve always voted like you wanted us to. Good. Santuzza! Come here, Rosa. Give something to this good woman, she has a young girl. Give them one of our hens, ok? Wait, Rosa. Ah, give it here! Here. Eat it tomorrow, ok. Wait, I’ll give you some jars of marmalade too. Take these. Now, go back home and don’t worry, ok? God bless you. Beautiful woman. All beautiful the hips Game the breasts Game It’s odd Game that just today Don Ciccio the Barber wants us to know that that Nicolosi had a lover? Don’t you believe him? Look, I’m not exactly left enchanted by Rosa Nicolosi’s ways Game Maybe she’s a liar or very cunning. But what I’d like to know is if they’re going to start playing tricks to try and change the motive of the crime.