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Target shoot 1 It’s a game it’s a girl. It’s not just any girl. She’s, you know, she’s redhot. I wake up sweating thinking she won’t be lying next to me. Maybe I’m thinking I might get burned. Whatever it is, it’s the worstcase scenario, you know? I’ve dreamed up all the bad scenarios. I mean, this girl, Richie. This girl has me under a ing spell, you know? I just can’t shake it. It scares me sometimes, the things I’d do for her. I know the feeling. I know you do, Richie. That’s why I can talk to you. Because unlike these other assholes, you have been in love. Am I right? With that girl? What’s her name? Vista. Vista. Right. Vista. You’re probably gonna be surprised by this since you and I don’t talk so much, but when I met my girl game I kinda thought of you guys. I thought of what you guys had. Well, what’s your girl’s name? See, that’s the thing, man. She’s, she’s gone, you know? She’s been ignoring me for the past hours or so. She completely disappeared, you know? Here. Take a look at her. Beautiful, right? Anyway, she doesn’t come home last night. There’s no call, no text, no email. There’s nothing. I ask around when was the last people heard from her. I don’t like the responses, you know? Something about the tone of a person’s voice. So, day keeps moving on without her and my imagination starts running wild, Richie. And I start thinking about other guys I’ve seen her look at. I started thinking about her friends that she doesn’t know I know about. I started thinking what I’d do to someone if I found out he bedded her. I would shackle the er up for a year and I would slowly and systematically torture him every day until he finally shuts down. I would burn off all his ing skin is what I would do. These are the kinds of things I’m thinking about, Richie. I’m thinking about bad things. Right. So, do you recognize her? Richie. Yeah? You do? Yeah, no, I mean, I, I game I see her, I see her around The Devoe sometimes. I mean, I don’t know her, but game Hard to miss, right? Right. It’s the arguments about the little things that get you.