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Doctor. Guess who needs to get innocked before we hit planet-side. Bit of a rockety ride. Nothing to be worried about. I’m not worried. Fear is nothing to be ashamed of, Doctor. This isn’t fear. This is anger. Well, kind of hard to tell one from the other, face like yours. Well, I imagine if it were fear, my eyes would be wider. I’ll keep a lookout for that next time. You’re not taking her. No, no, this is not a thing I’m interested in talking over with… She’s not going with you, and that’s final. I hear the words “that’s final” come out your mouth ever again… they truly will be. This boat is my home. You all are guests on it. Guests? Now, I earned my passage, Captain… And it’s time… your little sister learned from your example. I have earned my passage… treating bullet holes, knife wounds, laser burns. Some jobs are more interesting than others. And you want to put my sister in the middle of that. Didn’t say “want.” Said “will.” It’s one job, Doc. She’ll be fine. She’s a -year-old girl. A mentally traumatized … She’s a reader.