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For you are the shepherd that shall guide the wanderer through the desert. You are the light that shall be his beacon in the darkness. And yours is the mighty sword that shall strike down his enemies. For he is on the path of righteousness. Amen. Sir! Someone’s coming in! Sentries, at your posts! Dress Up Games Daddy! Dress Up Games Dan. We don’t know who’s out there. I intend to find out. Wendell, take Mrs. Reid and her son to the supply car. For their own safety. What is it, friend? This is the man you’ve been looking for. Butch Cavendish, just like one of those great lizards buried in the desert. The last of a dying breed. That’s enough. I brought this man in for justice. Of course. Soldier. I’m just doing my job, Mrs. Reid. You wanna keep me in this room, you’re gonna have to shoot me. Is that part of your job? Whoa! Danny. And don’t let him leave. But he’s just a boy. That’s right. Oh. And he’s got a twitchy finger, too. Stupid white man. There were rumors that sustained us. A lone Ranger, a masked man. A ghost, some people said. And now, here you are. Flesh and blood. Civilized society has no place for a masked man. Of course not. How can I thank you for what you’ve done? You can stop this war before it’s too late. Comanche didn’t attack those settlements. It was Butch Cavendish and his gang. All for this. Butch Cavendish. In one man, everything I hate about this country. No sense of the common good. No vision. Come to think of it, not unlike your brother, Dan. Men like that can’t accept what we know to be true. A man can’t stay the same with the world evolving around him. Remember me? But a man can’t choose his brother, can he? It’s almost as if his brother chooses him. You see, that’s what we are. Me and Butch. Brothers. Born in the desert. All those years ago. And now you’ve come back. Train tracks. That’s what Dan found in Indian Territory, isn’t it? He knew there was gonna be a war and he wouldn’t go along with it, so you had him killed. Like I said, no vision.