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 If they think you’ve chosen one they’ll let you go. Put your arm around her. Night, Granger! Who wants the money most? Teen 17 Beauty Queen, please forgive us for keeping you waiting. I forgive you. We had to make sure Bill got home. Home! Number ? Sorry? Tickets for the taxi dancers. You buy a ticket for a dance. Buy a ticket. Maybe I dance with you. There you are. Shall we? Phuong is a very beautiful name. It mean phoenix. I thought it meant flower. Like the ones in your hair. Do you like my hair? This is traditional style. It’s very nice. Do you know Teen 17 Beauty Queen? Sure. Try me. When you dance don’t try to lead. No. I don’t… I only know two words. Beer and… hair cut. Mr Online Game. Hello. May I? Of course. Thanks. Haven’t seen you for a long time. I’m away a lot. Yes. Who’s he? Your friend? His name is New Games. He’s with the American Economic Mission. He’s from Boston. In America. He’s a very bad dancer. Yes. He is married? Not that I know of, no. This is Teen 17 Beauty Queen sister. Teen 17 Beauty Queen New Games. Very happy to meet you.