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  “So long and thanks for all the fish” Don’t forget to go to “Uehara Photo studio” Hoy So What’s next for today? Junya? What should we do? Hey guys you should value what’s left of school days Go to school so that you won’t regret it later We’re through here How about going to school? What?. Junya? From now on, Tequila Zombies 2. I hope you’ll be good friend with Aoi She plays tough but she’s often lonely If I don’t do it seriously I can’t ask her out on a date A date? What are you saying, idiots Whether you want to become friends or more That’s up to you All right. When did you decide to take her out on a date? Even if life is unpredictable Friends are a treasure for a lifetime Take care of her Tequila Zombies 2, where should I put this? In the storage room please. And there’s this. The program of the sports event If you could have a look Teacher Tsuruta teacher Yoshinaga. Since I died on the day of the entrance ceremony Thank you all for supporting Games and cheering him For the future too