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Subject’s eyes and macular apparatus on grid . mm sphere, checking cornea. Call Master Control. Inform Mr. Duffy that I will be in Robot Repair area . Close your fist, please. Good. We have the Roman Dancers on grid -. Reception reports that all Futureworld guests are now on board the starship. Spacewalkers may use docking hatch in the Space Safari Lodge. Your attention, please. The Martian Ski Shuttle is now ready for departure at docking Hatch . Mr. Thurlow. Yeah, yes. We’re ready to go now. Oh, right. I’ll be right with you. Now, listen, I’ll see you all later, okay? Hey, I’m going to go skiing now. What do you think of that? Bye, Ron. Oh, wow. See you later. You bet. All right, all right. My knight to your pawn. My castle to your knight. Man, lookie here. Hiya, hi there. Hey, ain’t this something, man? Now, are there any other questions? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Are you sure we can’t get hurt? ‘Cause I got plans for tonight. There’s really nothing to worry about. Skiing on Mars is not that different than on Earth. Of course, the snow is red. And gravity is one third. But your skis are designed for that purpose. Ladies and gentlemen, all guests are encouraged to request the host or hostess of their choice. Why can’t you? Because I’m too old for you. I’d feel like a fool. Not at all. You must remember that I’ve been programmed for your pleasure. In my eyes, you are very beautiful. Hey, we’ve got to try this thing. Put your quarter on the table, honey. We’ll get to that one. I’ll be there in a second. Yes, sir. May I get you something? You have pretty good memory banks? I’m a , sir. We have quite excellent memories. Good. You ever seen that fellow before? No, sir. Is he a guest? I guess you’d call him inoperative. Thanks. Now, are you sure that they are robots? They’re not ging to get hurt or anything, are they? Positive. Just pick up the gloves, honey. Okay. Ready? Yep. Chuck? Yeah? I forgive you everything. Did you see that? Did you see that left? Pow! Terrific. I’m afraid I interrupted. Bu I think