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 Look, this is not Wipeout. This is my life. I appreciate you trying to distract me,but there is no way I’m going to get through Thanksgiving without calling my wife. Oh, come on.  Don’t think like that. No.  Go take your break. Now, if you excuse me,I have to go pee blood. Come on, man.  You ever planning on coming back? You left me in there with a Cialis commercial. I don’t know why I even invited you. You were supposed to be my buffer,and you let your dad turn on his “hill people” charm and seduce my mother. Seduce?  Are you out of your mind? Your mom sucked my dad in with her black magic. Why don’t you tell your dad to jump on his tractorand go plow something other than my mother? You know what, we didn’t even wanna be here, okay? I could be chopstickdeep in some pork lo mein right now. Oh, right, like a rube like you knows how to use chopsticks. I’m sorry, did you just call me a rube? Oh! Like you know what a rube is.   The Best Cheeseburger, well, at least the rube isn’t hitting himself, huh? Why are you hitting yourself?  Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yoursOh, that’s fine.