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When are you coming back? You don’t care about anything. Me, you… Hamid! Hello. Coffee, please. Hamid? Yes. It’s me, Louis! Lunes. Had a good trip? Yes. No hug? I’ve always dreamed of this. Shall we go? How did you find me? To find you? How’d you get my number? It was in Mom’s things. She didn’t know I was in Brussels. She had your number in Algeria. She contacted me there? Of course. Shall I put some music on? What do you like? Rock, blues… What happened to her? She was on her moped and got hit by a truck. How come? That’s what the police said. I don’t know her any more than you do. After your departure, she left me with Grandma. I was . And I, . She wanted to start over. Her child was in the way. I always pictured you living happily with her in Switzerland. Not at all. She wrote to me now and then. Really? What about? That she wanted to come to Algeria with you, that she was thinking of me. I’m about to see her years later. Can you believe it? SWISS JURA Did you talk to the doctor since the accident? Listen, the hospital called this morning. Mom didn’t make it. She died? Why didn’t you say so earlier? Drive me back to the station! It’s a quick drive. Just see what my car’s made of! Mom died and you talk cars? Drive me back! You can wait a bit. We can get to know each other. Drop me off anywhere. I’ll manage alone. What’s the rush? You can take a memento from her house. I don’t want one! It won’t take long. I said no! We’re almost there. It’s behind that hill. Are you jerking me around? You’re insane! OK. I’ll drive you back after I call my girlfriend. Did you call your girlfriend? Yes. What’s her name? Isabella. She just called on the other cell. Spying on me? She didn’t pick up, so I left her a message. Are you married? Yes. Is she pretty? When I was , Mom and I wanted to come see you and Dad. It was Christmastime. I’d packed my suitcase. We were in Grandma’s kitchen when Mom walked in. She sat down at the table and started to cry. Grandma told me to go to my room, to stay away. I was scared. Later, but much