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The Boyfriend Trainer  last month, Security deposit kind of thing. What? Nothing. I just- I’m sorry, I just Thought maybe you came home to see me. Listen honey. Have you thought about maybe just.. Moving home for a while? Um, I’m not moving home. Why? Why not? Why not? I’m not moving home. Because I’m in the middle of things right now. What things? Things. My life, mom. I’m in the middle of my life. Shh! You know Sophie, Hard as it is for you to imagine, There are bigger problems to solve right now Than your life. Yep. Well, I’m, um, not hungry. Please, please. Please don’t. Please don’t leave. Pl- and I have never met anyone quite like you makes me feel like I could do those sort of things  I never thought I’d be able to  and I have never met anyone quite like you  and if you don’t Sophie? Surprise, surprise. Yeah, it is. Yeah. What are you doing here? I was just driving. You’re parked. I pulled over. The engine is not on. Huh. Did you, uh, forget about me? Yeah. Liar. What are you doing here, Sophie? Got lost. Liar. Come on The Boyfriend Trainer. Why so serious? I’m gonna get back.