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The Brave Knight Open the door, or else we’ll break it down! Happy Birthday to you Game Hi Wassup! Hey! Open the gift ya Game Amazing! Guys c’mon ya! Go for it! Open the gift ya Game It’s awesome Go get the candles! Go get it! Your cheque Game it’s bounced again. The landlord’s fuming dude. You’ve got to arrange for the rent today somehow. Bro you help me out today. I’ll arrange the money by next week. Dude you haven’t returned the last loan either. I need cash badly, please return my cash as well. You know what, forget it Game just arrange for this month’s rent. And Mohit, bro, do something about your job. I’m working on it, I am. What are you doing? You’re just busy flying high in the air! Come back to earth bro, accept a job in a lower position. Why should I? I’m an MBA for God’s sake, top of my class. And who got promoted, you or me? I was, and because of that promotion your job got saved. So in return I should pay your rent for the rest of my life? lmmy Get out! You know what Game you’ve started enjoying being unemployed. You want your money? You’ll get it Game Now just get lost! I don’t have fifteen thousand. I spent a lot this month Game I got a new dress, my birthday party, your car EMI, your credit card bill, your phone bill, your pocket money Game Awesome! Means whenever I ask you for money, I’ll have to listen to this entire list? If you had warned me about the rent in advance, I wouldn’t have bought the rock show tickets. Rock show tickets! Did I ask you to buy those tickets? Mohit now don’t do that Game You don’t do that If you had told me earlier, I’d have sacrificed this as well Game like all other things. Sacrifice! What a sacrifice! Yes sacrifice! You don’t realize anything Game I haven’t even bought a new pair of sandals these last two months. O god What a crisis!!! What a crisis!! Yes it is a crisis Stuck on pizzas and your oily omelet’s.. I’ve gained two bloody kilos! I work hard so that I can enjoy my life, but thanks to you, leave alone malls and nightclubs, I’ve even forgotten the smell of multiplex popcorn!