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It’s getting dark. Ma’am, she’s not working, ma’am. Overcoming weakness. Oh, my daughter. Another murder of Indians. You are not afraid? What is your name? Susan. Catch it. Give me this. Give me this. Where she was? It was hidden. Dear me Games Do you wanna go with us? I want to stay with my mother. What is your name? Susan. Where is my mother and father? Susan, your father and mother Games They had to leave. With the Indians? Yes. Mother! No, Susan, no. Mother. Susan? Mother. Easy, peace. Mother. Stay in the room. Take a look. What is her name? You still do not know, give it a name. What is your name? Tioga. Tioga what? Only Tioga. Then I’ll call him Tioga. It sounds like Tioga, does not it? All right, Susan. We are ready. They took their weapons and ammunition. Why do not you negotiate with them? Please. Take the horse that we are. We need the ammunition. Just work if you’re not sure. You’ll kill me? How much? You gave it to me, Marshal. How much? Well, not much. Five dollars? I’m speaking. Give money and letters. New letters. Susan? Susan! What happened? She’s gone, why? Tioga, forgive me. I was stupid. A Susan? Tioga? Tioga? Susan. Susan, come with me, dear. Come with me. Come on, come on. Excuse me! I’m sorry. Matt. I do not understand you. I simply do not understand you. There are many things I do not understand. Nothing happened. Yes. Hello. You can open it! It’s salty. And now? We can only go. Where it stops. Peynos Canyon, about ten miles. Five kilometers. Now we have where they wanted. No food and no water. Captain Games I need a horse. All right, gentlemen. Three o’clock And the highest card goes. I think I’ll go outside. Do you think you win, Marshal? Of course. Ready? Well, let’s see our country. It is? Look. Give the astral. Four diamonds. Three hearts. Diamond what? As I said before Marshal, the cock should be conquered. You have heavy, as usual. Well, you’re going to leave. Yes sir. Someone will have to post the Indians on what to do. I can do this. No, we’re going to play this. All right, just the two of us.