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Control: Use Mouse to play.

 You told him to do this. The only reason I’m stressed out is because I’m the one who has to organize everything. It’s like wrangling feral cats. I would be happy to sit back and let somebody else guide the ship, but it’s been  years, and no one else seems to want to take the damn reins. The Brawl – Ep.4 Fine. I’ll do it. What? I’ll take the reins of the… cat ship. If he’s in charge, I’m back in. Fine. When you took over the portrait stuff, you forgot to tell me what our theme is gonna be. We’ve only got three days, so you might want to nail that down. Nothing this year. We’re all just gonna wear whatever we’re comfortable in. Okeydoke. I know you probably know this, but, uh, we’ve only got two days before the portrait, and I noticed that you haven’t plucked The Brawl – Ep.4 neck mole yet. You have to do it early enough so the redness goes away, but late enough so it doesn’t start to grow back. It’s a pretty small window of opportunity. That always stresses everyone out with all the yelling and the holding her down and all.