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The car smash I’d be that cloud, That stayed with you, If you became my sky! Sweet to the ears, Not easy to do. To color yourself in another hue. Not easy to do. Colors fade, Just love remains, Everyone else changes Red orange yellow blue and green. Needlessly, you make promises of love Game Needlessly, you raise your hopes. Needlessly you dream crazy girl, Needlessly our story’s done. I’m the heroine of your every story. I’m the happy ending of your every tale. Needlessly Game Needlessly Game Needlessly Game Needlessly Game I’m the heroine of your every story. I’m the happy ending of your every tale. Not bad Sehgal Sir Game You must’ve thought of an email ID Game Vinod Kumar Sehgal. No No its too long? How about Game VK Sehgal? SehgalVK Game sounds cool! Cool! Game S.. Game h.. Game h.. Wow so many jobs? Yes, but around % are useless Game What is this now? It’s a game Game just Game Video game?! Yeah Move then Game move, move Game Start it please Game Enter click, right here. WOW! I killed the damn Game Super cool game man Game Ok, do one thing Game let’s see how you play! Me Sir? Play this game Tell me one thing Game You come here every other day under.. The pretext of a client meeting, right Ok then, I won’t come from tomorrow. No no Game l was just asking Game My job shouldn’t create problems for your job. My job Game Nothing will happen. Don’t worry. Radha! Come on, come on and take your coat. Coming, coming Game have patience! What took you so long papaji Game What were you doing? We are an insurance company Mr. Chaddha, and your experience is in airlines marketing. Won’t work for us. Sir just give me a chance. Not just insurance, I can even market the Qutub Minar! Qutub Minar!? It’s not that easy Mr. Chaddha Game It’s the era of specialization Game Thank you for coming. Sir I think I have potential sir Game Sir just give me the job, I will become a specialist. You become a specialist, we’ll give you the job. Sir please sir Game Sir one chance sir Game Just one chance Game Sir I’m a star performer Game