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The chaos factor Not bankrupt sir Game I’m in a hurry right now. This matter of of fences is pending. Of course Game and I have to return your money Game Squash at the club, this evening Game You better. Yeah. Hello Game Yeah Game Yes I will pay this month’s EMI by cheque Game Ok I will give you cash Game Yes, I’ll give it to you tomorrow Game I’m telling you I will Game Or else what? You’ll take the car away? Take away your damn car then! Hello Mayera Game Busy or what? Nothing ya, just needed some help Game Here How much is it? Fifty thousand. I had asked for forty no? Extra ten.. Pocket money. What pocket money? Am I a kid to be given pocket money? Of course you’re a kid! All your money is over and you didn’t even know? Listen, you should maintain detailed accounts, I will check at the end of each month. What do you mean by every month? You mean I’m such a big idiot that I won’t find a job for months? If you’re stuck on airlines, then you surely won’t get a job Game I have mailed you a new job list. The Inner Beauty position is still available. If you get the job, I will get free lingerie. This is like saying if I became a waiter, you’ll get free food Game So Mayera ma’am, what would you like to order today? On today’s menu we have plain paratha, plain butter paratha, plain ghee paratha, aaloo paratha, aloo butter paratha, aloo ghee paratha, gobhi paratha, gobhi butter paratha, gobhi ghee paratha.. Today’s special is mix vegetable paratha. Shut up you clown! I’ve left my meeting half way Game I have to go Game Ok bye! Mayera! What? What if I really become a waiter? Standing at the crossroads, Will you marry a waiter? When someone asks a question. You won’t become a waiter. Why do all answers, You never know Game Seem unreliable. What if I have to? Nothing seems real Even then I’ll marry you Game Now I really have to get to work, ok Game On these crossroads I love you Except an imaginary indifference. Papa. Papa I am so sorry sir Are you ok? Papa are you okay? Yes I am Yes darling I am ok. So ironical that you want to marry the man..