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You brought me to the end of the world. I’m going to Australia. Why are you running away from me? Victor Chang Institute is doing a fund raiser. I’m making the keynote speech. You’re doing this for me. For us. The world is ours, this world and the world beyond. I never think about the world beyond. You sleep with a Qur Games an at your bed side. Habit, hardly ever read it. I know you do. Islam is very important to me. To me it means, the constant rafimation of one’s character. I believe in that. I’ve been reforming my character since I was seven. It’s finally getting me somewhere. Your divorce has put things on a different footing. You mean with your family? Yes, a barrier has come down. Well, barriers coming down is good. Last one back to the car is a squash tomato. Games Look. Games What? It has been said Game That for evil to triumph Game Good men must do nothing. Tonight, we give heartfelt thanks Game At a good man. Dr Victor Chang. Did a great deal. And of that Game We can all be thankful. As we look forward Game To the future. Nice one. What are we gonna do? Our objective is to protect Hasnat. So we rubbish the story. But they’ll find out eventually. Well, we’re buying time. That’s what we need, isn’t it? Talk about putting and together, and making . Not a word, not a word of truth. Officially, I’m furious. It’s upsetting for Wills and Harry. Unofficially? Well, to be honest. Richard, we’re laughing ourselves silly over this. For God sake. What do I look like? One minute everyone’s pointing at me because I’m sleeping with the Princess of Wales. Next thing she denies it, and I’m the hospital joke. I was just trying to protect you. Protect? I knew you’d be upset, that’s why we rubbish the story. Rubbish? Yes, good choice of words. That’s exactly what I felt like. You can’t object to being on the front pages and then Game Complain when I protect you from looking like Cassanova. You’ve blown our cover. It can be dealt with, I’m good at handling the press. Oh, magnificent.