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The European Football Championship 2016, The European Football Championship 2016 Games, Play The European Football Championship 2016 Games

it Radio It was because of the both of us. Yiga , what’s with you, a of a sudden? Nothing Radio I just want to know why you eft me. Rea y. To understand what did I do wrong. You did nothing wrong. I did. You wou dn’t have eft me otherwise. What? Congratu ations. He sign the bus dea. Signature at the end, initia s next to mine. To d you I’d bring him down. You’re crazy. I know, and it’s wrong, I shou d have ta k to you first, but it happen so fast. I ran into the guy, we argu the price and I signed. My heart was in my throat, but I signed. Pessach from the bank is getting us great terms. We meet on Thursday. And Avner? I to d him I’m eaving at the end of the month. Initia s next to mine, pa. Congratu ations. Why aren’t you excited? You shou d be excited. I’m excited. But? What? It’s too big for me. What’s too big for you? This. Signing it on the spot. Taking a oan from Pessach. It’s Radio But we’ve ta k about it for over a year, no? Yes. So? It’s too fast. et’s think how we’re going to do this. et’s not rush in. Why wait? How ong wi you break your back in that cab? My back’s fine. My back is just fine. Why wait? Gershon, you said “one day”, not “today”. OK. Enough about that. Assaf, are you hungry? I’ warm up something for us. Yiga ? Sorry, Gershon. You shou d have ta k to me first. We ta k for a year! Yes Radio we toy with the idea Radio Toyed? Yes, we toyed. What’s wrong with it? You’re a rea , Yiga ! Gershon! You’re a coward y itt e. And a ! Gershon! Gershon Radio A miserab e itt e ! you, Gershon! You and your damn busses Radio Where to? Te Aviv. Bardichevski St. You know the p ace? I know the p ace. Radio. You have cash, right? Sure. What? How si y of me. I don’t have sheke s, on y Radio Do ars? Yes, but I don’t have enough. Maybe you want to get some money from your wife? Yes, give me a sec. I’ go up and get some money from my wife. Go on then. Get the money from your wife. Take your suitcase. Maybe there’s something important inside. Yes, there are important things inside Radio Back then, at schoo , there was a picture on the wa in which the farmer ti the ground And in the back were cypress trees Radio Is that it? They’re going? It’s a bummer, huh Radio ? “Bummer” wou d have been good now. I heard you’re thinking about coming to Paris. I thought about it, Assaf, but I’m not sure Radio It wou d be nice if you came. What wi I do there with those two? The hooves of the fir tree hang and tremb e Birds are worri y chirping You’re iving in a wi d, enchant forest from which it is impossib e to get out et the o eander be dri in the winds, ike aundry et the vio ets be wash in the rain Either way, I wi take you from here to a cast e where a f ute me ody is heard. in! Come here, in! I ove you, ina. I want you to stay. Grisha! Apo ogize. He shou d apo ogize first. Apo ogize. Him first. Apo ogize! My “sincere apo ogies”, brother Radio Grish. Wake up, Grish. We’re here. I’m going home. Say your farewe s. Reece: Why? ‘Cause he wakes up at in the morning to put jizz in his hair? Tiger: Mm Radio No. He’s true. Ree-Ree. Who you ca in’? Is that your business? I get the bi s. I’m going to bed. We’re gonna drink. d One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four d d ega ize d (record p ayer static) (Pat sighs) Mornin’. He o. You were the first to fa as eep? Okay, I’m with the Ain’t Rights from Washington, D.C. Uh, technica y, we’re from Ar ington. Tad: Nice. Uh, and this is for Seaside HCFM. Not for the zine? Tad: I’ do a print version for that, but this wi run on our co ege station. Uh, if that’s coo. Sam: Yeah. So, you guys working on anything new? Sam: Mm, yeah. A few songs. Maybe enough for, ike, a seven inch. Tad: Sweet. Wi you actua y press one? Yeah, if we can afford it. Tad: Yeah, no, I rea y dig the ana og sty e. Uh, which brings me to the fact you guys are hard to find. Why no socia media presence? Reece: That’s because booking more shows, se ing more records wou d b ow. It’s not hard rock. No one wants to starve, but Radio when you take it a virtua , you ose Radio the texture. What do you mean “texture”? Just Radio you gotta be there. The music is for effect. It’s time and aggression Radio Technica wizardry. And it’s shar ive Radio and then it’s over. The energy can’t ast. Un ess you’re Iggy Pop. Yeah, we good for him, but I don’t think I wanna be in my ‘s sti istening to Minor Threat. But Tiger does. I won’t ive to be , so Radio (Sam and Tad augh) Okay, so, uh, this is a good seg into one of my traditions. Uh, for each of you, name your desert is and band. On y one? Reece: If I were to say B ack Sabbath, wou d I get Ozzy and Dio? No caveats. Just name the band. Okay. Misfits. No, The Damned. Um Radio Tiger: Oh, it. Misfits. Sam: Poison Idea. Cro-Mags. Tad: That’s a good one a so. Reece: Why don’t you say something, dude? Tiger: What about Stee y Dan? Hm. No, Cand ebox. He’s a jugga o. Uh Radio uh Radio Tiger: Britney Spears? Hey Radio hey, you Radio you Radio you’re gonna edit this, right? I can chop it up a bit. Tiger: Oh, you shou d et it go raw, man. Um, when is this gonna air? ike, maybe we shou d p ug the show? Yeah. Um Radio My ast show at The Muni Center didn’t end we. Uh, ots of vomit, some feca matter. County commissioner got wind and pu my permit. You guys were a ready en route. No, you gotta give us a ki fee. We went mi es out of our way. I’ve got a backup in up. Um, unch, % cut on the door, and you guys wou d head ine. Is anyone sti on the bi ? No. (punk music p aying) d I’m a ways broke d d And I’m a one d d I ask myse f d d What have I become? d d What have I become? d d I must be drunk d d I must be ston d d I ask myse f d d What have I become? d Turn that off. I gave you my cut. Uh, the house got theirs, but I didn’t Radio Sp it four ways, it’s six bucks each. $… if you just round up Radio You dip-, fashion punk c own motherer. Christ. Now easy there, jiu-jitsu. Yeah. We don’t wanna go to jai , too. I think you just end this tour. yes. et’s ca it. Sam: A right, so we’d have to bee ine to DC. We have enough for one tank. We’d have to siphon the rest of the way. Reece: That’s not a prob em. We got rice and beans. We can head up north. Take the a the way. What the you doing, man? et me ca my cousin. I can get you guys a so id gig. Where? Here? Scene is dead. You’d have to dip down c oser to Port and. (phone vibrates) Tiger: I say we just gank his viny. A right, so a set. Uh, matinée tomorrow. Door’s at :, you guys are on at :. I text the addy. Sam: How much? Uh, $. Minus your tab. And, um, just so you know, it’s most y boots and braces down there. Skins? There’s some at every show. What? D.M.S.? Sharp? Uh, right-wing, or technica y u tra- eft, but not affi iated. And your cousin’s coo ? Tad: Yeah, yeah. Uh, don’t ta k po itics, but stick with Danie. I’d tag a ong, but he and his gir are coming here to crash. Gotta vacuum and. So they’re not, ike, burning crosses or anything, right? ike, we just p ay rock? Uh, I’d p ay your ear ier stuff. Heavier stuff. I usua y keep the origina s, but since this one never happen Radio Can I sti run that interview? Yeah. What station is it on? Uh, FM.. Breakfast With Champions. Thanks. Reece: Yo, Tad-po e Radio I’m sorry I a most ob iterat you, man. (car engine starts) Not a prob em. Take it easy. At east the dude can draw. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. Yo, Pat Radio you know, there’s something I’ve never to d peop e Radio or anyone, for that matter. What? (farts) (a augh) Was that rea ? Ew! Tiger: Open your window. Sam: Good. (punk music p aying) (dog barking) You Tad’s friends? Uh, he sent us. Are you Cousin Dan? Danie : Danie. You guys ook hammered. Tiger: One night at Tad’s wi do that to you. And if your gir ‘s gonna be crashing Radio Don’t mention that. Okay, I was just Radio Yeah, no worries whatsoever. Just shut the up about it him and me and her. Yeah. Drummer? Drummer? Using the house kit or are you using yours? I’ use mine. Okay. oad in’s here. Sam: That’s bu. “Aren’t Rights”? Yeah. d Demon of dark d d Ange of b ack d d Pure hatr burns d d Start your attack d Stage rest in here. Don’t b ock the ha way. The owner doesn’t around with the fire codes. Sound check in. You’re on in. Got it. d Dark