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Neil, you gotta do the work. You have to do whatever it takes. You think I like not having a television or a laptop? It fucking blows. But guess what? It’s saving my life, so I do it. Game Is any of this of interest to you, Neil? Game Yes, it’s all of interest to me. Can we please move on? I’ll get it done this week. Thank you. What happened to your face? Nothing. My fellow gastronauts. I bring you good tidings and good eatings. Let’s bug out. No, Pinocch, don’t do it! It’s me, Jimmy. Put the stick down! Well, you should have thought about that before you ratted me out to Geppetto. That’s not my real voice. Well, then sorry, I’m Game No! Come back! I’m Adam. Game I’m Phoebe. Game Hi, Phoebe. You are a very cruel man, Adam. Believe me, it hurts them far more than it hurts me. Don’t you mean that the other way around? No, Phoebe, I don’t. So what you making? Game Flip phone, huh? Game Yeah. You ever carbon dated this thing? What are you doing? Don’t be so slow, Pinocchio. Mike. Mike, there’s someone downstairs. What? There’s someone downstairs. Get up. Dad! It’s me. Danny? I used the Hide Game a Game Key. Game What the fuck are you doing here? Game I wanted to come see you guys. So you just decided you’d stop by for a midnight chat? I’ve been driving all day. I didn’t have a chance Game So you’re hungry. So you figured you’d eat our food and then rob us. I’m not going to rob you, Dad. I haven’t used in eight months. Yeah, right. I wouldn’t believe me either, I guess, but it’s true. You know how I know an addict is lying? His lips are moving. Mom up there? She’s sleeping. Danny? Hey, Mom. Danny! Hey. Oh, my Game Look at you! Kid’s stolen money, sports equipment, his mom’s necklace. Never once said he’s sorry. You know, I’ve tried to get him in the rooms. And you know what they say, “This is a program for people that want it, not for people who need it. ” Hi. Dede. New to the program. Game Hi, Dede. Game Hi, Dede. There’s a lot of dudes in here. Sorry, my other program isn’t such a sausage fest.