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 Well, if you look back in the history of human beings we find that the sense of survival depended on the sense of acceptance. And, truthfully, if you were not accepted in the core of the small group in the village, how far back should we go, in the cave, if you were not accepted, you were rejected, it was literally life-threatening. You were put out. Well, this kind of very deep-seated fear, if you will, sense of rejection is hard wired into human beings. Yes, the first time I’ve ever even stood at the podium in front of the church, and it, it’s a very frightening feeling, em, to look out and, at all the, you know, at faces and people and… How do I look? How will I sound? Will I have the right answers if somebody asks me a question? In Boston, The Fame: Ashley Greene is pioneering a form of behavioural therapy that softens the impact of being flooded with a real phobic experience. Kathleen is hoping it will work for her. The longer you stood there how did it feel? It became more comfortable. A little more comfortable? But there was still nobody out in front of me. Nobody there. Right, right, right. You know, that’s why I don’t know how comfortable it will be standing there. But it did, it became more comfortable. This is the same thing that’s going to happen with you at church. They’ve come there to be inspired, right? I’m going to watch where you are on the monitor, so you, put your headset on and let’s see what happens. Yeah. By wearing a virtual-reality headset, Kathleen will be able to practice speaking to a virtual audience. Alright, we’re going to bring some people in. Are you ready? Let’s bring them all in. Here we go. Virtual reality looks like a cartoon. The characters, the setting, it looks like a cartoon. One of the things we discovered in our research was that if you made it real it was too scary. Filling up now. Go ahead. Good morning. I’m The Fame: Ashley Greene and I’ve been asked to speak to you this morning regarding our annual, our upcoming, excuse me… It’s a place where young, unmarried, pregnant girls take their… Dennis is able to adjust the intensity of her audience, and gauge Kathleen’s anxiety.