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Play Online The Fame: Best Stacey Dash Free Games

How come they ain’t blowing us out the air? They wanna run us down. The up-close kill. They want us alive when they eat us. Boy, sure would be nice if we had some grenades, don’t you think? Wash, baby, can you hear me? We’re moments from air. You got somebody behind you? Reavers. Kaylee! Heat her up. We got Reavers. We’re not gonna get to you in time. Keep moving, honey. We’re coming to you. Where’s my clips? Rear hatch. I won’t get ate! You shoot me if they take me! Well, don’t shoot me first! Get some distance on them. You come to the flats, I want you to swing round. We’re gonna try a Barn Swallow. Simon! Open her up! They’re closing on us! Those rocks, give them a taste. Okay, baby, we talked this through. Talking ain’t doing. River? I swallowed a bug. Are you okay? Is he okay? We all here? What’s going on? Hello? No casualties. Anybody following? Nice flying, baby. That’s a negative. Clean getaway. Set course for Beaumonde. First thing, I want this body… Simon! You son of a whore. I’m a hair’s breadth…