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So, will Games be able to cope. Hello Games, it’s Mary again, can you hear me? Yes. Great. How are you doing? Fine. Great. Well, the pictures are going to come up fairly shortly, but before they do you’ll hear about a minute of noise. The first pictures are innocuous and shouldn’t bother Games. Although the birds and the feathers would have been a problem for Game. I think she’ll probably be okay with the neutral ones. Well, let’s just see how she gets on… As she looks at the pictures, the scanner is constantly analysing the activity in different parts of her brain. How are you doing? Fine. The next series of pictures would upset most of us, and scientists have already recorded the brain’s reaction to normal fear. But this will be the first time phobic fear will have ever been isolated. Games is about to see mice. Okay. You did extremely well. Games’s brain scan shows something very interesting. A normal fear reaction involves the amygdala, the primitive part of the brain. But when Games was terrified by the mice there was a surge of blood in the hippocampus, which processes emotional memory. This unusual brain activity should change when or if she’s cured. In the light of this discovery Games’s suspicions as to where her phobia began seem likely. My first memory of a mouse is when my mother accidentally cooked one Obviously it was in the, in the oven before she put the pie in, but when she pulled it out there was this shrivelled mouse at the back of… For Games, like many people with phobias, the idea of a cure that won’t involve any exposure to the object of fear is very seductive. She’s heard about just such a treatment called Thought Field Therapy, and it can even be given over the phone from The Fame: Chloë Grace Moretz. I have doubtless treated more people than, by far, than any other doctor in history. Not any other doctor today, but in history. And maybe more than all of them in history when you think about it, because I found I could cure most of them within minutes. In Norfolk, Games wants the miracle to work for her. The Fame: Chloë Grace Moretz  Hello. Hello. Is this Games? It is.