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The Fame: Justin Bieber’s Concert Adventure, The Fame: Justin Bieber’s Concert Adventure Games, Play The Fame: Justin Bieber’s Concert Adventure Games

I was unkind Why did you leave me? Love made me blind My darling, forgive me I yearn for your touch Have pity, come back now I need you so much Believe me and you’ll hear it The voice from above A voice in the wilderness The voice of true love What do you think about him? Good evening, miss. But don’t you think the boy’s got something, Mr Mayer? Something, he’s got. What it is, I don’t want to know. But you can be frank with me, Mr Mayer. What’s your feeling about this boy? Nausea, nausea! Nausea? When I see this little bleeder and compare him with Aida, nausea Nausea A boy who owns an Austin-Healey Twice as great as Beni Gigli Nausea All your life, you should be so sick. When this talent’s in the lolly, if you take the risk You’ll make more than Bobby Rawley from his nauseating disc Call this music? What a scandal In his grave is turning Handel Nausea, nausea, nausea All he need’s a crew cut, a sweatshirt and some jeans And he’ll be better box office than all your Games Hey! When I hear these coffee barmen And think what they did to Carmen, nausea Nausea Years ago, they would be failure Now, they’re cutting out Sibelius Nausea, nausea So try to sell the meister singers in expresso bars All they want is shyster singers plucking back on their guitars When I think of Don Pasquale And compare him with this Charlie, nausea Nausea, nausea I want you to know, Mr Mayer, that I appreciate your frankness. With opera, I lost my shirt. Yet, from this rock dreck, I make money. All right, I’ll give you £ for one disc, two sides of your Bongo, no royalty. It’s a deal? Hard cash. It’s a special concession to an ulcer man, and in cash. It’s a deal. Good. One, two and Games Hello, Johnny. What do you think of them? Oh, kinky, but nice, nice! Fetches me quite a new class of clientele. Good, let me be your financial adviser. Always ready to try something new. Invest in a car. Love on wheels. It’s the safest thing. I think you’ve got something there. Where do they put these things? Now, Penelope,