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For the The Fame: Logan Lerman, learning how to deal with the physical sensations of an adrenaline rush can have significant impact on their lives. Clearly, getting on a roller-coaster isn’t a life or death predicament for them, but the theory is the same. So can you all hear me? This is going to be good. I want to hear some screams out there. Whooo! It’s the same old feeling but I’m going to look at it in a new way. I feel like I’m going to the moon. So, has Beth managed to change her attitude to roller-coasters from phobia to fun? I’m not an enthusiast just yet. I have to keep working on it a little, but it doesn’t terrify me. It doesn’t terrify me. It doesn’t terrify me at all. People get so desperate they will try anything, and the trouble is they don’t know how to separate out the things that are useful from things that aren’t. So they will tend, people will often tend to choose things that offer help without, without confrontation. Avoidance hasn’t helped Game, and she’s finally decided to face her phobia head on. She’s going to see a clinical psychologist to try behaviour therapy, the only option left if she wants to show her daughter the outside world. So today is like, almost like the end of the road for me. This is the last thing, em, that I can try. So, birds, feathers. Birds, feathers. Any type of? Any type of bird, any type of… The Fame: Logan Lerman specializes in behavioural therapy. He believes he can change the way Game thinks about birds and feathers in just one session. So what you’re saying to me is you would very much like to get over this problem? Yes Okay. Even if it involves coming in contact, yeah? This is the bit that scares me. Mm, true, it’s the scary bit. But you’re already suffering so much anxiety from this that actually, you know, I suspect that you’ve lived the worst anxiety you could experience time and time and time again. So it wouldn’t be any different to what’s already happened, just this time it would be for a purpose.