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The Fame: Selena Gomez Xmas Pardon? Yeah. Do you want to continue? Not really, no. Yeah, I didn’t think you did. Her clothing is toxic. Do you know what that means? If she’d want to continue I might have to have her trip all of her clothing off before the day is over, you know? Putting a towel round my neck, that just seemed ridiculous. That finished it really. I did go into it with a positive attitude, but after about  minutes of it it just feel as, I couldn’t see where it was getting anywhere. Just couldn’t see where it was getting anywhere at all. The sensations that phobics feel during a panic attack are caused by an adrenaline rush. But the same symptoms are felt by thrill seekers. It’s simply a matter of how one interprets these symptoms. Beth Smith hates the sensation she has on a roller-coaster. Her son Jake loves them and remembers the last time he persuaded his Mum to join him on one. Took her on and we started to go, and the ride started going, and I checked over at her, and she was hyper-ventilating, she was… And I asked her are you okay, are you okay? She went Shut up Jake, shut up. We got off the ride and I thought she was going to kill me. And she let out a scream as we were waiting to go into the station, a blood curdling scream like, Aaaah! Aaaah! Like really loud, and everybody turns around and looks at her, and then, em, we got off and she said she’d never do it again. In Orlando, The Fame: Selena Gomez Xmas, Dr. Mike Otto, uses behavioural therapy to convince a group of roller-coaster phobics in just one hour to change the way they think, so that the physical sensations they feel do not need to be negative, and could even be enjoyable. So shortness of breath or even dizziness don’t have to be viewed as an ensuing heart attack, but with different interpretation could mean exhilaration. Keep it going for a bit. Good, and stop. The Fame: Selena Gomez Xmas reactions are terrifying, no matter what the source of the phobia. And sometimes people find one fear more understandable, and they say, oh, I could imagine having that. But it’s important to remember that regardless of the source of the fear, how it feels, the sense of danger is very real and is the same.