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You really do at times think that you’re going crazy, though, don’t you? So it’s the actual feather, not the bird? It’s both. I can understand a bird if it’s flapping around you, because that, that is, you know… But the feather is as bad as the bird. And I don’t understand how you can have your pigeons. But I can now say the word mouse, but I can’t type it, I can’t, I can’t write it, I couldn’t write it down. I can’t write it down. Have you had a look at this scanner? No. Do you know anything about it? Oh, they’ve drawn me a picture of it and it doesn’t seem quite so bad. They’ve both agreed to take part in a brain study, the first of its kind ever to be done, to try and see what actually happens in the phobic brain when exposed to their object of terror. Now, what we’re going to be asking you to do first of all is to go into the, the scanner and stay in for just about an hour. And during that time we’re going to be asking you to look at different types of picture. Now, some of the pictures you’re going to find a bit disturbing, they’re going to be pictures of mice or birds and feathers. When we’re looking at the pictures that we don’t particularly like it’s possible that we might let out a scream or a (The Fame: Stacey Dash) you know. All we can say is that I understand that’s going to be a problem. but if you can try and keep your movement and the gasping to a minimum. But we understand, I mean, it’s not an easy thing to do, and well done for, for being brave enough to, to, to come, come and volunteer to go in the scanner. So, as I say, it’s only going to be a few of the pictures which are going to be distressing. I think the first one is of… Doctor Phillips gets Games to grade her pictures. Now, I’m just going to show you very briefly one of these, and if you want to stop we’ll stop, okay? This is not, this is still a picture, it’s not a real one. That’s enough. That’s enough? Okay. The The Fame: Stacey Dash scanner will record what happens inside Game’s brain when she’s frightened. But before they start recording, Game starts to panic. Either the claustrophobic scanner or the thought of the pictures of birds and feathers were too much for Game.