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Patrick, in this film, has all the strangeness, the sense of modesty, the difficulty of expressing himself that Claude has in life. May I? You shouldn’t ask from actors things they don’t have talent for. They won’t make it. To make up for that, you have to find things which they can do and which show their vulnerability. Then you know it’s beautiful. You know there’s resonance. You can feel it. And that resonance communicates itself to me, but you can feel it will communicate to others. All you can do is trust the actors. You can discuss with them doubts about their recipes, But trust them on their personality! Dewaere… There’s something that strikes me, a kind of aristocracy of language. You can feel he’s seized a world where a few words are enough. It’s not so much the words, it’s the way of pronouncing them, the intonation. Because… ever since I came back here, something happened to me… which hasn’t happened since… a long time. All the time I feel like holding you in my arms, to touch you. I’m in love with you. That’s it. Me, I was… in love with him while we were shooting! It’s beautiful, all the time. Beautiful all the time. Excuse me! Andouillette for the lady. One côte d’agneau. A Gamay! “Garçon” is a choreographic film, no doubt about it. The group treatment leads to the choreographic treatment, for sure. The Saint-Pierre is for…? There’s a choreographic pleasure. That’s the simplest word to describe it. Demi Brouilly! Philippe! There are moments with the actors in which I lose control of some scenes. Very difficult to restrain Montand with… his tricks. Ah! Good morning! How are you? That was hard, to have Montand in a film. Oh, la la! Always had to struggle, put him back in his place… The relationship you maintain with comedians makes that afterwards you always have a sense of failure, of treason, when you’re not in control, when you don’t watch the rushes. Especially since, when you watch them, you always have the impression that they’re waiting for their next role.