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He understands, but he doesn’t dare. What is it he should dare, mrs Burman? What are you doing here? Hello, Sune. I’m just tidying up a bit. The janitor gave me the key. Please, Sune, take off those horrible glasses. Do you want some coffee? Can’t you take them off? For me? Sune? It’s only when I wear them that I understand. But there’s nothing to understand. Viveka has always had periods like these. She’s ill. There’s nothing to adapt to. You’re far too nice. I’m so afraid that she’s contaminated you with her ideas. Yes, it’s contagious. I know it. But she’s right. The end of the world is nigh. If only I could understand why I can’t see her. It’s probably some mad idea that you don’t know about yet. Yes, just stare. I know the routine. Just because of her eye game Annika! You’re right! But I haven’t said anything. Sune game It’s nothing serious, is it? The most dangerous thing is to do nothing. How is Viveka? Sorry, I don’t think we’ve met, but I see that you’re wearing her glasses. I often talked to Viveka when she cried because the children had teased her. She was always worrying about that eye. I think I have to pass a test before I can see her. But I don’t see the point of it. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t understand. Even if it seems mad? You know that on the inside, nothing is crazy. Only from the outside. LOVE CONQUERS ALL Lord, have mercy on me. Lord, hear me. Lord, give me a sign. Viveka, my love. Don’t be afraid. Tell me if you’re dead. I live, and I’ve passed the test. What have you done? I took your mirror and your finest brush. It was hard. I had to push several times, but in the end I made it. You really did it? How did you get in? No one saw me. Neither the porter at the gate, nor the night watchman or the night nurse. I saw them, but they didn’t see me. It’s the night nurse. She’s gone. You have to leave before it’s light. Otherwise, they’ll take you too. Forced internment, forced feeding, forced injections game They’ll kill game Viveka, before it’s light, we’ll both be out of here. I don’t have any clothes. I’ve got some. And the glasses? We don’t need them anymore. I put mine here as well. “Dear Dr. Dettow game ” “Love can’t live in the world today, so we must die.” “We wanted love, but the world didn’t allow this.” “That’s why death is not a defeat, but a victory.” “Those who have found the truth must bear witness.” “Otherwise, their lives are wasted.” “Thus we humbly request that we’re buried in the same coffin.” “Respectfully yours, Viveka Burman.” “Sune Burman.”