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The King Of Fighters Super Match 2 Sorry to keep you waiting. Something came up. That’s alright. You’re here now. I had no idea when you and that friend of yours Pim. game came filming, that you were my son. I went to the optician. Do they even know I exist? Yes. But I never told them who your mother was. Out of respect for her decision. She wanted to raise you alone. How is she? She’s okay. And you, Casper? Me? I’m still in school. You should go if you have to. Yes, I have a train to catch. Dad. You take great photos. My girls couldn’t care less about all this. So I’m glad to have a guy around the house now. Who knows, you could be my future soninlaw. I’m happy you bought her a ring. A ring? It makes it all look a lot more serious. But tell me, what did you pay for it? euro. I knew it. Sofie shouldn’t lie. I didn’t tell her what I paid. It’s better if a girl doesn’t know. Yeah, you’re right. I don’t tell everything either. They don’t have to know I might lose my job. Don’t they? No. I have to protect my girls against this unfair society. I had a conflict at my job and my boss takes the side game of a few Moroccans that complain about me. They want me to apologize. So I hired your mother to be my lawyer. But I’m a bit worried she might not make it till the end. End of what? Of my case, of course. Downstairs alarm. Let’s eat. How was it at Sofie’s? It was fun. That’s a nice headscarf. Yes, I thought so too. Look what I have for you. An appointment with that doctor. Is nobody picking you up? We broke up. I’m sorry. Wouter confessed he kissed another girl. That’s not a smart move. To confess? No, to kiss another girl. And you? Are you seeing someone? Me? No. Girls prefer to see me as their friend. That’s just what you think. I’m pretty sure. I could like you. To talk with? No. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Hey, isn’t Sofie with you? No she’s with my mom. No, I rang her and she said she’s not there. I don’t know then. She said she’d see you. Who is Sofie? His daughter. His girlfriend. We just rehearsed, we play in the orchestra. Yes, this doesn’t mean anything.