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How many times was he on? – He never writes. He meets his co-scriptwriter. He discusses his idea. And he says: “OK, now we’ll try to see “who are the characters. So write down for me “and you put all what I’ve said and all what you think I haven’t said.” But he himself, he never took a paper and wrote pages. He never made it to pages. I’ve always considered myself as incapable of writing. If I had to write down all what happens in the script with Piccoli, with all that precedes it and comes after, in literature, it’s a whole field of mastering language that I don’t have. When I have to film, I can control everything: the lighting, the movements, the compo- sition, the expression, the vibration… a things you don’t see and which also exist in writing, but there, in the image, I feel it. What we call the moving physical portrait, that’s what I’m always good at. That’s what I like. I love films which I can end without dialogue! Then I’m totally in shape. It’s very hard to summarize the plot of Sautet’s film because in fact there’s no plot, there’s a confrontation of characters who will create, little by little, a dramatic movement and a series of emotions. On that score, he doesn’t only go against classic French cinema, which was designed around a plot, but he goes even more against the Hollywood principle which always lays down a construction in acts. I had promised to make a film with Romy Schneider. She told me: “You need a film with less of those old chums!” So, I said to myself: “OK, I’ll make a film with Romy Schneider at years old, “with les old chums in it”. And that’s how we started looking for the subject of “A simple story”. He said it was a boy-scout’s film! Woman boy-scout! He said: “I got carried away a bit by poor Romy, because “she said: you’ll make a film for me alone!” So later he told her: “Here it is, I have film for you.” And after she’d read the script, she said: “But there aren’t any good old girls! “And me, I’m worse than the others! No, she didn’t like the scenario.