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Thought it would go good with the whole, you know, Zen vibe you guys got going on. Just curious, you ever think about running the idea by someone first? Like, I don’t know, maybe the guy who owns the backyard? Well, you know, I wanted it to be a surprise. It is. Game So fish go in there? Game Yeah. Game You know, koi, those big orange carp. Game I know what koi are. So what happens in the winter when they freeze their little koi nuts off? No, look, I built one for a guy in Michigan. You just poke a hole in the ice. It’s no problem. You sure about that? Trust me. You’re gonna love it, Dad. God. Yeah, can I get someone to remove this television from my room, please? No, it’s not broken. I just don’t want it here. Thanks. Here you go. Game Did you block the Game Game Yeah, boss. You’re all good. You’re blocked. So you want to go get dinner? No, I’ve got to make a call. Nice flourish. Wait, what are you eating? Just a little healthy plate of veggies. Game Hold up your plate again. Game What? I just want to see something. Look at your cute little plate with your vegetables all segregated and such. Yeah, I just don’t think that foods of different color should mix. Hey, I hear you. Separate but equal. Plessy v. Ferguson. God, I really like you. And I don’t like anybody. I know, right? I hate everyone except for you. Me, too. I thought about you fast night. Yeah? Actually, I thought about you three times. Have you ever “thought” about me? Hold on a second. Yeah. Hey, come on in. I unplugged it already. Okay. Sorry about that. Where did we leave off? Are they taking the TV out of your room? What? What are you, Amish? Yes, and I was hoping to escort you to a barn raising upon my return. Oh, my God, seriously, why are they taking the TV out of your room? I just can’t have it in my room. And why not? You Game You know when you don’t have control over something? No. I have control over everything in my life. I’m kidding. I’m sorry. Go ahead. Well Game I just Game I can’t have any distractions