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meaning in which I’m only influenced by music, sculpture, choreography, the body, the mystery of faces which has its eloquence and its lyricism. By itself. That interested him on the level of degeneration. Because he didn’t want to defend the underworld. He wanted to make… He wanted… He was interested to trace the story of a lost character, who, whatever he might do, lost in advance – and will end up going down. – Thanks for everything, hey? Do you know? You sleep here… But deep down, you’re at home. The more actors get, let’s say, in the destiny of the principal character, it means it’s a person who descends till “point zero”. I’m telling you this because one thinks of himself always as very clever and when you can’t boast your strong points any more, you’re nothing. Every day you go down a bit more. Until… until nothing any more. He’d been a big shot! And he was reduced to petty thievery. This notion of abandon, there you have it. I realized very well that that went much further than a simple cops movie. It was perhaps even influenced by Italian cinema by this kind of bareness in which this person lands. Ventura… he needs action. He had even been a wrestler, he needs action, he also knows how to be nasty in action, he knows that. What has helped me a lot in “The Big Risk”, is his sense of clean violence. That is great! That takes seconds, right? It’s done with extraordinary swiftness. And in that way, I think that my meeting with Ventura was very profitable to me. You won’t do that? What I felt, I have… He enriched me, and I profited by casting him in all my films, after that. I’ve always looked for short scenes of violence. Scenes of relief, how to call it. As I often say: the purpose of powerlessness. The Big Risk is still, when you assess the sixties, where people only talk about New Wave films… it sits among the unknown films. The films where… most of the critics… The films which a big part of the critics has… ignored. Didn’t know how to watch them. When the film came out, it went nowhere.