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 So well into January, the Earth’s surface is still losing heat, even though solar energy is slowly increasing. It isn’t until around the th of January that a tipping point is reached. From this day onwards, the increase in solar radiation will overwhelm the effects of the heat loss and the northern hemisphere will begin to warm up. But it’ll still be a few more weeks yet before the ice here is too thin to support the weight of the trucks. We’ve seen how the Earth’s journey through space is critical for life and how the Earth’s angle of tilt defines our seasons. But you only really understand just how important our Games is for our planet when you look into the Earth’s past. There’s evidence in the most unexpected places. A few miles out there is one of the most spectacular wonders of the world, but I can’t see it from here because it’s underwater. I’m in Belize in Central America and what I’m going to see is known as the Blue Hole. It’s not often that nature produces something as beautifully symmetrical as this.