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I am the leader of a terrorist organization responsible for numerous acts of vandalism, and assault all over this city. game in the metropolitan area, with probably a couple hundred members. Chapters have sprung up in or other major cities already. This is a tightly regimented organization, with many cells capable of operating completely independent of central leadership. Look, look, go to that house, OK? Paper Street. That’s our headquarters. In the back, buried in the garden, you’ll find the body of Robert Paulson. In the basement, you’re gonna find some bathtubs that have been used very recently to make large quantities of nitroglycerin. I believe the plan is to blow up the headquarters of these credit card companies, and the T.R.W. building. Why these buildings? Why credit card companies? If you erase the debt record, then we all go back to zero. It’ll create total chaos. Keep him talking. I need to make a phone call. I really admire what you’re doing. What? You’re a brave man to order this. You’re a genius, sir. You said, if anyone ever interferes with Project Mayhem- even you- we gotta get his bails. It’s useless to fight. This is really a powerful gesture, Mr. Durden. It’ll set quite an example. You’re making a big mistake, fellas. You said you’d say that. I’m not Tyler Durden! You told us you’d say that, too. All right, I am Tyler Durden. Listen to me, I’m giving you a direct order. We are aborting this mission, right now. You said you would definitely say that. Are you ing out of your minds? You’re police officers! Somebody timing this? No! No! Keep your mouth shut! . Yeah? Hey, you know, some of this information checks out. Let’s go over to that house on Paper Street. Be right there. Hey! Wait! I got him. Sir, we have to do this, sir. Stop fighting. Where’s the rubber band? Get away from me! Drop that ing knife! Drop it! Back up. Face down on the floor, both of you, right now! Get down on the floor! First person comes out this ing door gets a-gets a lead salad, you understand? Get away!