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Well… Can you help me. What do you think? I think we can get into a lot of trouble being here. Who can know the past or future? I only know the present. Me here with you. It’s not my birthday. What is it for? I know you have always loved it since we were kids. Now I can give it to you. I didn’t know you were such a sappy romantic. What’s the matter? Okay We can just sit here then. We don’t have to talk. You promised to teach me martial arts. Remember? Let’s keep this meeting shod. The answer is still no. Hold on. You want your customers… Asshole. Now let’s talk like men. When you refused my bid for this bakery… I sent my boys to… I realized I over-reacted. And what do you call your bakery across the street? An over-reaction as well? You know… I got this oven over there, runs on electricity… makes five times the croissants… My flour I import I use the finest ingredients. The best. I make a badass croissant. Hands down. When I opened my Moonlight Bar. This town finally tasted real whiskey. And thanks to you, Well, not everything is perfect. Why are you here, Tinh? Yeah, why are you here? Bastard! Uncle! Uncle! The principal wants to see you. Hey, I’m not done talking yet. To master internal energy… It requires complete dedication. You can summon this energy and control it. Remember, internal energy is invisible. But its power is undeniable. Strong enough to work against the big kids? He’s just a little kid. For the last month, he’s been bullied every day. But when he stands up… I don’t understand. Defend himself? I don’t think you understand, dear. Hung! You wanna join us? You gotta be like us. Kick his ass. Holy , you gonna take that? Hung, Hey, hey, that’s enough! Are you crazy? My God, the kid’s mom was hysterical. I didn’t know what to say to her… When you were his age, Don’t worry, I’ll deal with it. You can’t do anything. What? What do you mean I can’t? I mean… Honey. Focus the energy here. Right here. Do you feel it? Yes… I think I feel it. Wait, wait. Ok, try it now. Focus your energy down here.