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The Vampire night Everybody always talks about minimizing civilian casualties. We don’t know who these people are. We are trying to win hearts and minds, not alienate the whole country. CHUCKLESWe could be goddamn saints and we would still alienate them. Even if we took outbad guys and one civilian, the Taliban would just spin it, make it look like we Game Massacred half the babies in the country. All right? These people Game these Game these Game what are they doing to that goat? I don’t know. Looks like they’re having a barbecue. Right. Oh God, I can’t Game I can’t see animals get ed up. CLEARS THROATMUTTERS Ugh. Ever since I was a kid, it messes with me, all right? I’m calling the colonel. I’ll let him know you’re against the idea, but honestly, I think you’re glad I’m doing this.CLEARS THROAT MOUTHS Operations command, this is lieutenant Lawson, reaper . GARCIA: Lieutenant, what you got for us? Major, I need you to patch us through to colonel Wallace. We have eyes on mahmoud kahlil. You guys got a v.I.D. This time? Affirmative, but Game Then go ahead and engage the target. There are now civilians at the location. If we engage the target, the collateral damage will be significant and dramatic.First of all, this order has been confirmed by jag. Second, the colonel is in a telephonic meeting right now getting his telephonic ass reamed out, because thanks to your faulty intel, he told everyone we have kahlil. So three, he won’t give a rat’s ass about your opinion, even if you are a general’s daughter. Engage the target, lieutenant. That’s an order. Major, I need to speak to the colonel.Listen, lieutenant, I’m trying to save you some grief. By ordering me to take out noncombatants? Hey, I’ve been there. It’s easier if it’s a clear order. Well, I’m sorry. I’m not gonna do it. Okay, sue, your funeral. Stand by for the colonel. BEEPS Good luck, lieutenant Game Im going to pretend that I don’t know you.BEEPS WALLACE: Lieutenant Lawson, I understand you’ve made a v.I.D. Affirmative, sir, but I need to inform you that Game that you have other potential hostiles on site.