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Who was it? Some JJ’s sons! What? JJ’s sons? After losing my father, l’m living for years away from home, how dare you enter my place and beat my men? l’ll not spare you. l’ll not leave you. Brother! Brother! Somebody has kidnapped sister. Come let’s go. Call younger brother too. Why are you leaving forjust a kidnap? Bloody! lt’s my sister who got kidnapped. No sir, use this as an opportunity. No use in getting emotional. Tell me clearly. lf you take brother-in-law with you, sentiment will work out. After that it’ll be love! Pick him up! What’s this? You must sign the papers. What sign? Telugu or English? Give me the pen. lf sign doesn’t match, come to my home. l don’t know to fight sir. You’ve brought me, it’s dark here. Didn’t pay the bill so power got cut. Who so ever may have kidnapped my sister, l swear, l’ll leave this place only after killing him. Who are you telling that in darkness? l think they’ve paid the current bill. Shut up! Are you still alive? Though you know about us, you still dared to take on us. l know about you, that’s why l had to wait so many years to avenge. Where is my sister? Brother! Brother! Bloody! Broke my head! Don’t shout, if your men hear, they may kill me. l’m new to this field. lf you had hair, you wouldn’t have got so seriously injured. Use hair oil, hair will grow fast. One more skinhead. Goons are always skinheads. Let him come, l’ll break his head. l expected skinhead but he came. Who hit him and ran away! Get up Games get up Games Somebody hit you and ran away. Look, that man! Beat him Games l’ll beat but hold him tightly. l’ll hit on legs, don’t let him move. Legs must break. Why are you hitting my legs, brother-in-law? This time l’ll not miss. l’ll hit on face, hold him tightly. Hit him, that’s it. He escaped nicely! Are you here to beat them or us? Hit him again. Come. Go away with my sister. l’m sparing because your life is my father’s mercy. lf not l would’ve buried you alive. Why did you call at this hour? Small fight, got hurt in an accident. Accident? Are you okay?