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I want to get to ones at the top and if you help me, you won’t regret it. If I may Captain Game Very well. So let’s talk about the game. We played a lot to pass time. There aren’t any free women in this country! And a wife just isn’t enough. Someone who is content with just one woman loses their imagination. For example, when I’m in bed with her, I always think of Stalin. How much did you lose? Me!? You. A little. How much is ‘a little’? Let’s say about twenty. Do you lose every day? No, some days I’m up. No, you’re not the winning type. The testimony of your friends shows, that in the last two weeks you lost around , lira. Says who? I did win! Against who? Someone from ‘out of town’, let’s say. My understanding is that the money you lost at cards is money that Pizzuco gave you. Why did Pizzuco pay you? Captain, Pizzuco never gave me any money. Whoever said that is big Game Game a bastard, I know! There, exactly! So you won a game worth , lira against a foreigner, and then you lost this money whilst playing against friends. Is that so? Shall we say it was like that? Game yeah, it was like that. Write that Game take it all down. No wait, Marchica may want to clarify. Have a think about it. There’s nothing to think about Captain. Liars need to think. What I’m saying is the truth! But you Captain Game before you talk you have to think because you tell lies. You tell lies for a living! Get it? Yeah, yeah. You should be an actor. Heh, well Game Yeah, why not? You’ve got talent! C’mon, you’re teasing me Captain! Where did you put the rifle? What? Which rifle? The rifle with which you shot Nicolosi? Me!? Yes, you. Nicolosi? Captain! Me!? Game “Me? Me? Me? Me?” Don’t you know to say anything other than ‘Me’? Ah, you didn’t know Nicolosi? Have a good think about it. Yeah, I knew him Game so? Game Captain Game a bit of that beer wouldn’t hurt, right? Thanks, thanks! Game You said that you ‘knew’ him, you want to say that you know he’s dead? The marshal said that I killed him!