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  The White Van Boy And I had to learn to make the tears go inside my eyes so they didn’t see I was crying. When my tears wanted to go outside, I had to go in the forest so no one would see me. Give me the cookies! Give! I have not eaten in two days! No one must know I gave you these. I will tell you a story that tells how hard a soldier’s life is. Look. My scar. Look here. It’s a bullet wound. We were told not to smoke at night, but I smoked and I was shot. Lift the gun. Come on, shoot. Run! When we take the magic milk from the tree, we can see things. We see ghosts all over. When I see the ghosts, it helps me do the job, because when I see the ghosts, I don’t see the red meat leaking red on the ground. All I see are the ghosts that walk in the forest. There are many, many ghosts here. You wouldn’t believe. Too many ghosts. Even when I sleep, I see ghosts inside my head. I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but I’m the only one from my village who survived the bullets of the government. That’s how they decided that I was a witch and that I could tell where the demons from the government were hiding in the forest.  The White Van Boy