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I don’t like binoculars Game What are you doing? You think you know me? Yeah, look at me Game look at my profile too! You’re nobody! Try and touch us if you have the guts Game Don’t assume that these cops are all stupid! There are those that can tear out your tongue along with all your secrets. Men who were born cops, just as others were born priests. Bellodi is one that was born a cop Game Parineddu on the other hand Game was born a spy. Zecchinetta hasn’t come out yet. What did you expect? They want to squeeze a confession out of him. We’ve got a traitor among us, I’m sure of it. Don Mariano Game Don Mariano! May I have a word?. I have to talk to you. Play Game well, speak! In private! In private with you?! And who are you, the Lord? As you wish then. Let’s go for a walk. Don Mariano, did you write that letter? Of course, don’t worry. Thank you. Zecchinetta sent me and urged me to tell you that his lips are sealed. Zecchinetta? And who’s he? In my opinion he can spend his whole life in there. That’s what he said, so that’s what I’m telling you. Parineddu! How was the game? Well, I won Game but they blew the whistle on us all so I guess we all lost in the end Game You shouldn’t have gone up against the Santa Chiesa. What can you do now? Nothing. I’m just saying that you’re dead in the heart of your friends. Game Game Game Game Let’s go Zecchinetta, the captain wants to question you. Just a moment, I have to do my exercises first. Game Game Game Move it! One moment, I need to do something Game Come on! Game I should introduce myself whilst doing my trousers up? My respects Captain! I knew the captain, who was here before you. A man of good heart! Captain, if you want to beat me up, I’ve something I must tell you first, I suffered from pleurisy, they took an xray, did you know that? So, how are we doing Mr Marchica, alias ‘Zecchinetta’? Given your past crimes, I can’t let you go. However, no one will ever know what you tell me. And what do I have to tell you?