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but I haven’t always made everyone happy doing it. I think you just lost me. I tend to be too honest, or at times, too honest too quickly. Ah. Meaning you get the job done, but you ruffle a few corporate feathers along the way. Yeah, some people think that I make them look bad. I’m trying to work on that. That’s why I don’t wanna step on Elizabeth’s toes. I’m trying to get her to like me, if that is at all possible. Well, she is one tough cookie, but at her core, she’s actually a very sweet girl. Maybe a little bit of a loner, but I think you could win her over. Just don’t be too aggressive. Hang around the edges, work your magic from over there. You think so? Well, it depends on how badly you want her to like you, if you catch my drift. I do. Uh-huh. Appreciate the advice. It’ll cost you. What do you got for me, Tom? Ah, there it is. Thank you, sir. Oh, hey, Elizabeth. Hey, Robert. Uh, productive day for you. Um, any luck with MatchMe.com? I’ve left a couple of messages for the CEO. So I was thinking that, you know, if we teamed up, we would be, like, stronger. Oh, no. I’m not falling for that. Not falling for what? Look, I know that this whole thing is just one big conquest for you and your ego, but this company, these people, are important to me. Elizabeth, I don’t know what you think that you know about me or what you’ve heard, but you’ve got me all wrong. Not everything that I do has an ulterior motive. Aha, but some of it does. Okay, all right. You’ve done a pretty good job of reading my mind so far. What am I thinking now? How about having lunch with me? Um, you’re thinking about filling the quota. Hmm. And? And I think that you and I should have lunch tomorrow. Lunch tomorrow. That’s a great idea. I know! Anything but fish. How about seafood? Great, sure. Seafood tomorrow, good. Tomorrow, :. Excellent. Uh, hey, Tom. Did I just hear that someone is going to have lunch with Robert Morgan? Well, you just heard him. We’re stronger if we work together. So it’s strictly work? There’s absolutely nothing else?