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Those who want war, Those who want war Games, Play Those who want war Games

go to bed with her for all I care, but just stay there for a little while. Nothing else. Understood? Thanks! Oh no, no! Your keys Game What, are you joking?! God forbid, I wouldn’t dream of it! Always at your service captain! Those two are previous offenders Captain. C’mon Marshal! It’s Sunday today. We’ll need to tell the mechanic to remove the dynamite they’ve put in the car. Bastards! I’ll slap them straight inside! Calm down Game Strange. First they rigged it but then they changed their minds. Why? Maybe he’d be able to tell us. You really believe that? Of course! Look at him, he stopped in front of us on purpose. As if he wants us to know or tell us something. Come on, why did you stop? Are you an informer? Calm down, I can see you. I can see you very well. But remember that it’s me who upholds the law here. You going against me? Then I accept your challenge. Understand? He’s telling us that he has powerful friends and that it’s better to leave him alone. That’s right. What shall we do Captain? We need an answer. We’ll prepare a warrant. For Don Mariano? No, not yet. What are you doing Captain? You’re not starting it up are you!? Don’t worry, Don Mariano’s allowing us to live a bit more. Parineddu! My respects! Keep an eye on my friend Pizzuco for me today. And then? Nothing Game just make note of it. Good day, Don Mariano. Is the secretary in? Yes. I’d like to speak to him. At once, please do come in! Good day, Rosa! May I? Good day Game Heh heh, what a beautiful, naked, young girl!. Why are you hiding? She’s embarrassed. Wait, I’ll help you! There! She looks like a queen in a carriage! There. There? Yes. Here we go! You’re not looking at me, eh? There you are little one! Dry and dress yourself. You have a beautiful daughter! She’ll be as pretty as you when she’s older. I remember you were just like that. I watched you grow up Rosa. So, what did you want to tell me? I’ll have a glass of wine, if that’s ok? I came to tell you that you’re beautiful.