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KNOB RATTLES DOOR SQUEAKS CHRIS OFFSCREEN I think you’re looking at a door that’s never gonna open again. Not with those roots jamming it shut. Wanna give this a try? Yeah, no telling what’s down there. I know. It’s the only room I’ve never drawn. Never could. On three. One, two, three. BOTH GRUNT WITH EFFORT GRUNT What are you guys doing? BOTH GRUNT WITH EFFORT The things in the walls are down there. BOTH GRUNT WITH EFFORT What? I just want to see what’s down here. Close it, now. METAL SCRAPING SHOUTING Guys! Guys! SHOUTING Now, goddamn it! Jesus Christ, calm down! RYAN OFFSCREEN Hey! Axemen! Axemen everywhere! WHISPERING They’re everywhere. They’re all over the place. WIND WHISTLING LEAVES RUSTLING WIND WHISTLING WHISPERING It’s crazy. They’re all over out there, just looking like they’re asleep. They’re all over the backyard, like statues. Where the do we go? Where do you think? We only have the cellar. GRUNTS SCREAMING NICK OFFSCREEN Go, go, go, go! EVE OFFSCREEN SCREAMING It’s the door. The door triggers them. What the do we do? For starters, we stay away from that ing door. Come on. Where the hell are we gonna go? Where the hell are we going? I guess we’re going back to the car. You mean, if you hope it’s still there. Do not let go of my hand. TCHUNK Run! SCREAMING They’re gaining! SCREAMING AXE WHISTLING THROUGH AIR TCHUNK SCREAMING LILLITH OFFSCREEN Come on! Nicky! Evie, go! Nicky! Go now! Come on! Nicky! Hey! Over here, asshole! Hey! Right here! Hey. EVE OFFSCREEN Oh my god! PANTING Get in, get in! DOORS SLAM PANTING Did you see Evie or Lillith? Oh, god, they had one of them right on their tail. I tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t even look at me. I don’t what happened to them. Oh, it’s Sam. RYAN OFFSCREEN They just left him there like that. What is that? NICK OFFSCREEN Oh, what’s wrong with his hands? What in the holy is that? What is that? That’s not skin, Ryo. That’s not skin. What’s that shiny stuff? Hold on. SQUISHING AND SQUELCHING WHISPERING What the hell is that, Ryo?