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Well, count me out. I guess it’s our only hope. Hamilton’s word would have great influence with the President. If we can only make the people believe that the Secretary of the Treasury .. Ain’t been playing fair with the nation’s money. Why, we’d have the whole country in our pockets. He’s honest, Senator. We’ve tested his honesty. Yes, we’ve attacked his honesty from every angle. He’s always beaten us. Well, you go if you want to. It don’t suit me to go begging or paying friendly calls on Alexander Hamilton. So good day, Tom Jefferson. Good day, Monroe. Then you and I will call on him today. A friendly call. You know, Senator .. More flies are caught with molasses than with vinegar. Zekial. Yes sir, Master Hamilton. I is wise. Remember, I’m out. Yes, sir. You is out. Good afternoon, Master Schuyler. ─ Hello, Zekial. Where is your Master? Master Hamilton? Why, he is out. I’m in, Zekial. I’m in. Come in, General. Why, you rascal. You said he was out. He done tell me he’s out when he’s in and in when he’s out.