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Time Cab Drive You must be strong. For our children and for us. My beloved. Attacks. Stop, it’s over. Flight. Quality over Quantity (QoQ) Releases Outcast () Translation: Papa Legba ~ Control: Scarlett THE FAR EAST THREE YEARS LATER My days are numbered, my son. No, father. Yes, they are. Such is life. Anything I can do game is to ensure that my kingdom leader gets it deserves. Why I have chosen you to follow me. I? But Shing? Your brother is a great warrior. But now it’s time for peace That is my request to you. Father, no one will follow me. They will, however, because you will be king. Your Highness, Prince Shing arrives at the port. We have not much time. Can I have the royal seal? Yes, your Majesty. Lian will guide game and will ensure that you arrive safely at the General Shing Yuing. I will protect him with my life. I have not taken this decision lightly. Why I chose you. Father. From necessity Indicates the king more to his sons. But that does not mean that he loves less of his daughter. I trust you with life of your brother. With the future of our kingdom. Now. Your Highness. It’s a long time. For too long, my son. I came as soon as possible when I heard about your health. You’ve always been concerned about my health. I have other concerns, father. About the rumors that I have heard. Rumors are a distraction for children and old women. Exactly, unless they are true. And what about rumors make you worry, my son? Maybe we should pick up my little brother there to talk about it. Unfortunately, your brother is not in the palace. I’m afraid that your health you clouding assessment father. The throne is my birthright. I’ve earned by fight in your wars. Without you there would be no kingdom, but game Everything I’ve done everything for you. I know, my son. But it is best for the people. What do you know about the people? Prince Shing. My son will do anything to me. My dad apparently has great confidence in you. Do you have a family? A woman? Children? Resist me and I make sure that your children nailed against the walls of your own home game piece by piece.