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Where is the baby ? Get it? I’m sorry . know Why I’m telling you this? Why is it important to know , they will die for it . Got it? Contact . Got it. Now he says : ” I deserve to die .” Says . Says . ” I deserve to die .” I deserve to die . Good Turn around . Turn around . Pray that never see you again . Every day , while rot in a Moroccan prison. You remember me and wish I had killed you here . Follow me , and do nothing wrong. Just walk . Smile . As a couple celebrating their honeymoon . It’s beautiful . Relax . Stop here . Now tell me something . Do you love me? I need to know . Tell the truth . Yes , I have loved , but you destroyed everything . I destroyed ? How to destroy everything? I’m tired of all his paranoia . Just wanted to commit suicide. No. Became a monster . I’d rather die than spend one more second with you . Let me go . Just to let you go. Good girl . Had to be there for me . Yes ? I am Odette . That there, Odette ? This to my son ? Yes , he is here and all is well . And Cyril ? Peace be with him .The man killed my partner. You don’t know if he killed him or not. Jesus, Roy, that was years ago. So what? I gotta go. I’m presenting the holeinone trophy tonight. Hey. Hang in there, Roy. Okay, let’s see this kid. What have we got here? I need a reading on Richard and Elizabeth Grant. Fountain Grove, California. Son, Jeffrey. Yeah. It doesn’t track for me. Did these people die or what? Go, Air Force! Yeah, go, Air Force. Will you sit down? Turn the radio off. Hey, look at this guy. Jeffrey Grant. All right. Go get them. Good luck, buddy. And remember, “You live in fame or go down in flame.” Excuse me, Corporal. What do you think? Sorry? Corporal Hogan. Oh, her. Yeah, yeah, she was very nice. Yes, very nice. Sometimes I slip up and call her Corporal Hogans. Roy Howe, Jeff, Air Force Reserve Liaison. I’ll be conducting your Academy interview. You got a wet palm there, son. What’s the matter? Nervous? Yeah, I’m nervous. What are you nervous about? I don’t know. I want to pass.