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It was wrapped around my chips. I was the secretary at the copywriting department, but all the copywriters got called up. “So-Be-Fee. It ain’t beef, but it ain’t bad, ’cause sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got.” Ah, splendid. Ministry wages start at three and ten. And obviously, we can’t pay you as much as the chaps, so shall we say £ a week? Thank you. You a cinemagoer? Yes. Then you’ll be familiar with informationals. We sandwich them between the support and the main feature, so the public to be informed don’t have time to escape. What to do in an air raid. Get under cover at once. Don’t stand staring at the sky. Take cover at once. You’ll find a page of script equates to a minute of screen time or roughly yards of celluloid, or it would if directors didn’t squander the film stock as if it were lavatory paper. Speaking of which, ladies’ is last door on the left. I wouldn’t risk the other facilities if I were you. I thought it was a secretarial post. Oh, for God’s sake, keep that to yourself. What did they say, the War Artists Committee? They find my interpretations altogether too brutal and dispiriting. You’re so much better than all the rest of them. All the rest of them manage to put food on the table. Ellis, I had a meeting today Games about a new job. They offered it to me. £ a week. You know, Perry wants you to model for him. I told him only I’m allowed to paint you. You only ever put me in for the perspective. No, I put you in because I want you there. Right. I have to get to the warden’s post. It’s a writing job. Well done, Catrin. When there’s a raid, I want you to go down to the tube station. I didn’t bring you all the way from Wales to see you hit by a bomb. I saw April today. She and Tony have made up ever such a clever code, so he can write to her about what he’s doing. “The village green,” that means “England.” “Onion soup” is “France.” There’s a word for “regiment,” and one for “troop train.” Do you really have to smoke that thing? Couldn’t you just mime? I can mime smoking.