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 And we’ll show you how Geraldo Garcia can just keep on truckin’ at Three Rivers. All that coming up after this. You’re watching “Sports Night” on CSC, so stick around. We’re out. Kim: Two minutes back. Listen to me. This isn’t hard. Forget we work on a television show. We’re just sports fans, and we work in a haberdashery. A ninthinning rally would be a fun thing to see.  Ah, I understand.  Yes.  Thank you.  The haberdashery. Yes. That was all I was saying.  I was confused.  Yes, I know. But your haberdashery parable cleared it up for me. Picture time!  Speaking of confused.  Be nice. Kim, let’s get everybody. Kim: Dan! Dana, do you have the first idea how to operate any of this equipment? This is called an owner’s manual, my friend, and I have read it cover to cover. I’ve read Doctor Zhivago cover to cover. It doesn’t make me the czar. We have a name for people like you back home in Cedar Rapids. It’s called sourpuss. We have a name for people like you back home in Boston, too. It’s called  Ow. Ow. Pain. Pain. Pain.