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God, not that word again. He likes to say that ’cause he thinks it sounds dirty. No, wait, so you’re a tree guy, right? THUD Nicky, Nicky. Baby, come back up here with me, OK? RYAN OFFSCREEN Yeah, come on, Nick, why don’t you, huh? Baby, now. Please? What? At least one house came through here. It’s, uh, it’s a long shot. But we could all go for a quick little hike. He said it was a long shot, Nicky. A shot’s still a shot, Evie. Come on. You gonna be OK here if I Game if I take a quick look? I’m not hiking, if that’s what you mean. It’s only gonna be a few minutes. Ryo, can you stay here with her? Please? All right? CHRIS OFFSCREEN Come on, Sam, I know you want to come. Yeah, I’m only going to see your face when all you find is poison ivy and a couple of humping beavers. Lil? Ooh, thanks, but uh, I think I’ll stay with Eve. That’s a great idea. LILLITH OFFSCREEN I’m leaving in the van if you guys aren’t back here in minutes. And I’m taking Eve with me. Eve. I love you. See how the slip plane moves across? This isn’t just from the water. It is Game So I just follow where the trees are clear? Yeah, exactly. RYAN OFFSCREEN Nick! Nicky, slow down! Nicky! Nicky! Come on! PANTING RYAN OFFSCREEN We’re gonna get lost out here. PANTING You gonna be OK? We gotta get back. Little window. Right, Nicky? Little round window at the top? What the hell are we looking at? This is wrong. Come on, this is wrong. It should have been pulverized. This can’t be the same house. Oh, yeah? Then what is it? HINGES CREAK CHRIS OFFSCREEN That’s not even from this house. SAM OFFSCREEN You gonna tell me this whole place just crashed here, perfectly level? Well, maybe someone leveled it. I think a lot of big stuff must have washed through here. And when the house did, I think that’s the tree that finally stopped it. QUIETLY I just got this really weird feeling, Ryan. I drew this. I dreamed this. And now I’m standing in front of it, like I’m the reason it’s here. Like it’s holding on, just for me. DISEMBODIED MALE VOICE Stop right there.