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There’ s no next time. Eat now. My mom said we have to read it. “How to Control Your Bad Temper.” This better work. Bo-Zhi Xiao. Are you all right? I am fine. He’s the one to blame. Only showed up after I was beaten. I thought you were dead. I am still a virgin, I can’t die yet. No problem. Once you lose virginity, I will stab you right away. Can you two talk normally? Hey, Xin-Yi Cai. Do you know how to make me recover soon? How? If you can dress a bit ier. Go to hell. My little Zhi. Right, where is Xin-Rui? She told me last week she went to Taipei so I didn’t invite her. Oh. It looks so severe. It’s fine. I won’t die. I am sorry. It’s ok. Really. See. Really? Ya, it’s fine. I only have to rest a few days. I’ll wash some fruits for you. I would rather have fried chicken and milktea. Yiren. What are you doing here? I want to give you the scarf. For me? I made it myself. Zhi and you got hurt for me. It’s my way of saying thank you. You should give it to Zhi then. He is more injured than I do. In fact, I really like you. I was thinking. Do you like me as well? I Games do like you. Really? Really. But only as classmates. But only as classmates. If possible, can you like me more? I like Xin-Rui Li. I promised her some things. I have to make them happen. I don’t want to disappoint her anymore. I see. Good luck then. It’s wonderful to be liked by someone. But it doesn’t always turn out for the best. This is the first time I ever said I like Xin-Rui Li. I wonder when I would have the courage to tell her these words myself. I thought you’re at Taipei Games I don’t know why she’s not at Taipei. But the hug is like a message. The warmth we felt when hugging makes each of us more clear and certain. We know where our hearts are. We find our sense of belonging. Then, the biggest obstacle lies ahead. To get into the college. The only way in is to study hard. The one thing I am not good at. I just started with less than days. It’s just a desperate move. And it completely counts on Xin-Rui Li. This part will definitely show up in the test Oh.