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Hamlet to golf. We’re ruined. Nonsense. John, there he is! Your Majesty, may I congratulate you, Sir. My wife and I saw you on television and I just want to say you certainly are a man of talent, and may I say so, Sir, a true democrat. Thank you very much. I’d like you to shake hands with my wife. Honey, this is His Majesty games pardon me, King, what is your last name? That’s it, King Shahdov! How do you do? Could I have your autograph for my little boy? Yes, by all means. Have you a piece of paper? I only have a Kleenex. That’ll do. A pen? No, I don’t have a pen. How do you expect a man to write if you ain’t got a pen? I sure hope it doesn’t ruin your pen. Sir, can I have your autograph please? Will you let us have the details? More mail, Sir. Take them in the next room. That telephone’s been ringing for a week now. We haven’t had a moment’s peace. We’ll let you know in due course. Juniper Eyewash Company offering $, to appear on their program. Juniper what? Eyewash. Here’s an offer from King’s Lager Beer. The answer is no. King’s Lager Beer! Very well, I’ll take it in the next room. Come in! Your Majesty, my name’s Johnson. Advertising Rep for Crown Cheese. For words that won’t take more than seconds of your time, Crown Cheese will give you $, to appear on television. All you have to do is spread Crown Cheese on a piece of toast, take a bite, say ”yum, yum” and $, are yours. Show this gentleman to the door. Are you crazy? $, for words? You don’t have to memorize them, they’ll be on a blackboard! This way, Sir. It’s that creature who was with you on television, Miss Ann Kay. Have her come up. Tell Miss Ann Kay to come up. The audacity of that woman to come here after what happened. Your Majesty, it’s a changing world, different values. So it seems. ”Yum, yum!” That’s worth $,? Good morning. Well! Come in. Congratulations Your Majesty. You’ve electrified the whole country. Thanks to your peculiar ideas of hospitality. They’re not mine, Your Majesty. What do you want? Mrs Cromwell asked me to deliver this.